We’ve all been there.

It’s late at night, everybody else is asleep, and you hear it. A stomach growl; the unmistakable cry for a midnight snack. Maybe you didn’t eat enough during dinner or maybe you just have a fast metabolism. Either way, you must get up and venture out into the kitchen for food.

As you are in the kitchen, you decide to look into the pantry cabinet for something easy. You open it up, grab something tasty, turn around to unwrap it while simultaneously using one of your legs to shut the pantry door, and—


That was the sound of your cabinet door banging loudly against the frame. It only lasts a moment, but you can hear it echo through the house in the dead of the night. Some shifting around in the other rooms tells you what you already know; you’ve woken somebody up.

You know what this means, right? It means your cabinet doors and drawers don’t have soft-close hardware installed in them.

As the name suggests, soft-close–or what we like to call “anti-slam hardware”–is a mechanism within the hardware of cabinetry, such as hinges and drawer glides, that prevents the doors and drawers from slamming when being closed. Soft close hinges and drawer glides use a small, shock absorbing piston called a damper to bring the door/drawers to a gentle close before it hits the frame of the cabinet.

Saving your ears and leaving your family’s sleep uninterrupted are not the only benefits of soft close mechanisms. For one thing, they put less stress on the hinges and glides themselves, making it more difficult for them to wear out or break over time. Though cabinets are designed to last, having hardware that is easy on them can help your cabinets stand the test of time, and give your kitchen or bathroom the longevity and value it was designed to have. It’s also quite difficult to slam your fingers in the cabinet, as the soft-close mechanism springs into action anywhere from an inch to four inches before the cabinet closes.

Despite the fact that soft-close mechanisms seem like a complex, scientific enigma, they’re really quite simple! They’re easy to install, and work for both framed and frameless cabinet styles. Their strength, user-friendliness, and versatile use have caused them to rise rapidly as the standard hardware for custom and semi-custom cabinetry. Here at Luxurable Kitchen & Bath, LLC., soft close is the standard on 98% of our products, with the exception of the builder grade cabinetry; and as you can see, we’re pretty enthusiastic about it!

Give us a call at (727) 286-8927 to schedule an appointment if you’d like to change out your old hinges and glides to the soft close ones so you NO LONGER have to hear your cabinetry slamming and put your fingers at risk.  The ESTIMATES ARE ALWAYS FREE HERE AT LUXURABLE, BECAUSE WE ARE AFFORDABLE!