From DIY image boards to major Kitchen & Bath publications, we are seeing this trend everywhere; gray cabinets. Some hail it as the Kitchen & Bath staple of the future, others denounce it as being just a passing trend. Regardless, it’s impossible to deny that it’s in high demand. Even our suppliers are steadily releasing more and more gray door styles, and every week we get inquiries about their availability.

Despite how unique this trend is, it’s not entirely blindsiding. After all, what isn’t to like about gray cabinetry? It’s a neutral mid-tone that can sport both painted and natural looks. It can stay neutral, but also compliment either warm colors like browns and rusts, or cooler colors like blue and even green. Depending on how you accent it, gray cabinetry can cater to all sorts of tones; it can make a room feel dramatic, or comforting, or modern, and even antique.

Gray cabinetry started cropping up as a somewhat popular choice as early as 2015, though we noticed it really began to blossom this past January at KBIS 2017 in our own neighboring city of Orlando, Florida. Still, the mystery of how it came to be such a popular option remains.

You could reasonably assume that a big reason it is prominent is because of its appearance on home renovation shows and design publications both online and in print. One colleague of mine, however, says trends like this DOES come from the media; but not from renovation-related shows and magazines like you would think. He believes that trends in kitchen cabinetry came back into style a couple of years ago when they were featured on various fictional television shows. Naturally, if you have a sharp eye and consume a lot of pop culture, you may have predicted this trend as well.

Wherever it came from, we know you guys like it. That’s why we at Luxurable Kitchen & Bath are working an active effort to take on new lines and door styles that feature a variety of gray cabinetry. We like to listen to your ideas and inspirations, and do our best to give you what you want; so come on in to one of our two showrooms and take a look at our selections!